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Principal's Message


Last year was a year filled with challenges. Problems have yet to be solved by Hong Kong, our country and even every country in the world. We can’t go back to the past and shouldn’t stay in the past. We need to seize the moment and long for the future.


We are facing an unpredictable world situation, global public health crisis and controversial issues of our city these days. If it is not easy to be a parent or a teacher in this era, is it easy to be a student?


I hope our school is a peaceful place for our students. We are the garden for them to learn, shape characters, develop potentials and cultivate virtues. Our school is the fertile soil for our students to thrive.


No matter how the world changes, humans will not change the pursuit of truth, knowledge and morals. I hope in the future, our students can be determined and determined to learn. I wish they find their direction and their way of life.


Principal YAU Siu Hung


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