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Co-curricular Activities Committee


Co-curricular activities aim at cultivating students’ all-round development.



  • To help students to make good use of their spare time

  • To strengthen the relationship between students and teachers; and enhance the sense of belonging among students

  • To initiate students’ multi-intelligence

  • To build up students’ self-esteem and self-confidence

  • To enhance their leadership skill

  • To improve students’ understanding of community and responsibility of being a citizen


Through participating in diversified extra-curricular activities, students’ potential are developed. There are 49 co-curricular activities clubs and societies in our school. They are classified into six groups. They are Academic, Cultural, Sports, Uniform Teams, Interests and Social Services. Besides, there are four houses in our school. They are Benevolence, Righteousness, Courtesy and Wisdom. Each student is enrolled as a member of a house. Students’ sense of belonging is enhanced through taking part in team works.


2021-2022 List and Teachers-in-charge of CCA Clubs


2021-2022 Timetable of CCA Clubs


Furthermore, in order to make good use of their spare time to make contribution to the society, all teachers and students have to participate in the voluntary activities held by the Social Welfare Department.


The “One student, One Music” Scheme: Students choose to learn vocals or one Chinese or Western musical instrument. There are a variety of musical groups including a Chinese Orchestra, Symphonic Band, Marching Band, Bagpipe Group, Harp Ensemble and Handbell Team. It is our hope that students’ musical skills will be improved through participating in different arranged performances.


Students are arranged to take part in the activities held by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department. By doing so, both students and teachers can adopt a multi-directional approach of learning and teaching.




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