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Principal's Message

It is the twentieth anniversary of Yan Chai Hospital Wong Wha San Secondary School!


Adhering the principle of ‘serving the community in the spirit of benevolence’, we provide our students an excellent environment to grow and learn. Under the leadership of the former and current principals and teachers, our school is gaining her reputation among all walks of life.


Qualities of a Whasanian - responsibility, health, self-discipline, respect, commitment, care for others, environmental protection, integrity, perseverance, patriotism and creativity - are our driving force to succeed! We believe responsibility and health bring bliss in events and life; self-discipline and respect bring order and peace; care for others brings strength and a closer community; environmental protection and integrity bring love to the earth and mankind; perseverance, patriotism and creativity bring dream and future to us.


Adolescence is a stage of life and live while you are young. Polish your skills and nurture your temperament. Strive for a better future and leave with happy remembrance.


Principal YAU Siu Hung


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